Spectra Viewer

Information on the general spectra viewer

The spectra viewer shows all FP spectra in the database, as well as many organic dyes and spectra for hardware such as fluorescence filters, light source power densities, and camera quantum efficiencies.

The collection efficiency tab in the spectra viewer

There are currently over 1,000 commercial filters in FPbase, but the spectra viewer also includes virtual “custom bandpass” filters (center wavelength, bandwidth, and % transmission) and “custom laser lines” (single nm excitation). Using the “import commercial filter” button, users can easily import filters from Chroma or Semrock that do not exist in the database using only the product number (provided those filter spectra are currently on the respective vendors websites), and additional vendor importers may be added in the future.

Excitation spectra can be scaled to extinction coefficients and emission spectra can be scaled to quantum yield and/or excitation efficiency (when EC or QY values are available in the database for the current FP). A “collection efficiency” tab calculates the overlap integral between all pairs of fluorophore emission and emission filter spectra – and pressing/holding the “eye” icon provides a visual representation of the collection integral – providing a quick way to compare the efficiency of a large variety of filter/fluorophore combinations.