Protein Table

The protein table presents the primary attributes of all proteins in the database. Rows represent protein states, so “basic” (constitutively fluorescent proteins) will only appear once in the table, but multi-state/photochromic proteins will have a row for each state in the database attributed to that protein. The table can be sorted by column, and searched for keywords using the search field above the table and to the right. It can be filtered to show only proteins of a certain photoswitching type or aggregation type. Table data (including applied filters) can be copied to the clipboard or downloaded in CSV or Microsoft Excel format using the buttons at the bottom right. Lastly, there is an “add to comparison” button in every row that adds the given protein to the comparison slider tab on the right side of the screen. This is a convenient way to quickly compare a number of proteins that meet certain criteria using the comparison tool, described below.

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